Orange County

Get your week off to the right start with a classic from Bastian Schmülling. Is it just me, or would this would be a brilliant third jersey for the Ducks?

Red Wing Rewind

Bastian Schmülling originally submitted these designs as two separate alternate jerseys for the Detroit Red Wings. But as a pair, they could make a pretty spectacular home and road set. Or do you think the Wings have one of those untouchable uniforms?

Maroon in Montreal

Welcome to Throwback Week! For the next few days, we'll be featuring concepts for teams that don't exist anymore — asking the question, what if they did? We're kicking it off with Bastian Schmülling and his modernized take on the Montreal Maroons.

Year-End Wish

We've made it to the end of another year of concept art. Bastian Schmülling takes us home with a great redesign for the Buffalo Sabres. If wishing made it so.

So that does it for 2014! I'm currently traveling but when I get home, I'll compile our annual list of the top concepts of the year. Which designs do you think will make it?

Predator Perfection

The über-talented Bastian Schmülling has been toying with some ideas for new Nashville jerseys. These five are absolutely stellar if you ask me. Do you have a favorite?