The Rockies

The Colorado Avalanche still have two uniforms left to reveal to us for the 2015-16 season — a new third jersey and a Stadium Series sweater. Today, we get a couple of designs from the prolific and creative Bastian Schmülling — who envisioned the "C" shoulder patch more than a year ago.


It's the most disappointingly underused color in the NHL. We need to get more green in the league and here Bastian Schmülling suggests a solid third jersey for the Canucks along with gorgeous upgrades to the home and road set.

Five More By Bastian Schmülling

Our full week of "Five By" entries wraps up today with a bunch of minor league concepts by the ever-talented Bastian Schmülling.

Orange County

Get your week off to the right start with a classic from Bastian Schmülling. Is it just me, or would this would be a brilliant third jersey for the Ducks?