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A Bastian of German Hockey

The big finale of Bastian Schmülling Week could not be more appropriate. We wrap up on an International Sunday where the German jersey designer tackles teams from his home country — and specifically, the Deutsche Eishockey Liga.

In the starring role up top is the DEL club from Germany's capital, Eisbären Berlin. But there's more. The league boasts 14 teams, but Bastian has incredible concepts for 10 of them! So as a bonus, you can find them all below.

I hope everyone has enjoyed Bastian's work as much as I do, but I think we can all agree it's time to get back to a little variety in our featured artists.



Throwbacks by Bastian

Typically, this space is reserved for outdoor game jerseys. But is the essence of that weekly theme not simply throwback style designs? Today, a trio of classic looks from Bastian Schmülling. First up, he imagines what might happen if the Phoenix Coyotes had been relocated to Quebec.

Or what if the NHL ever did expand to Hamilton? Could the Tigers stage a comeback?

And imagine a world where Montreal still had two NHL teams — the Habs and the Wanderers. These designs are Bastian's bread and butter. He seems to love classic hockey sweaters and does a great job with them.

Our Bastian Schmülling-centric theme week finally wraps up tomorrow with the biggest concept post you've ever seen. Ever.



A Bastian of Freak Outs

This is a Freak Out Friday only Bastian Schmülling can deliver. We know his style leans toward the traditional, so it's unusual and fascinating to see him step outside the box with these designs. How about some extra stripes for the Habs?

How about some horn-inspired shoulder yokes for the Devils?

And while the Isles have worn orange in the past, they haven't done it in such a classic way. What do you make of these unique looks?

Tomorrow, there's more Bastian as we flash back to the past.



A Bastian of the Buckeye State

We continue our week of showcasing Bastian Schmülling — a particularly prolific and talented concept artist — with a few different Ohio-related submissions. First, Bastian targets the Columbus Blue Jackets for a more traditional sweater style.

Next January, the Jackets will get a second chance at hosting the NHL All-Star Game. Perhaps a refresh of the jerseys is in order? He proposes this update to the existing designs.

And naturally, for someone so inspired by traditional uniform design, it makes sense that he would enjoy tackling teams from the past — as he has here with the Cleveland Barons. By the way, if you like this, you'll definitely want to check back Saturday!

As for tomorrow, it's a Freak Out Friday as only Bastian Schmülling could offer.


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A Bastian of Gold

Yellow jerseys seem to be quietly trending in the hockey universe these days. The Predators made it their primary color in 2011, the Sabres introduced a gold third this season, and the Kings will wear a yellow throwback starting next season. Not to mention the AHL's Providence Bruins wear yellow instead of white for home games since last season.

So maybe Bastian Schmülling is on to something with these yellow sweaters of his. In fact, a jersey like the Penguins one above may very well be seen on NHL ice next season if the rumors are to be believed.

You may not have thought about the Panthers in gold before, but they are at home in the Sunshine State, so it makes sense. And with Bastian's design sense, it's not a bad look either.

As mentioned, the Kings will have a gold throwback option for their Legends Night events next season. But what about a full home and road set built around yellow? Could be worse. They could just be black and white. Oh, wait.

Bastian tackles Ohio tomorrow!

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