All-Retro All-Stars

The 2015 NHL All-Star Game in Columbus is just over two weeks away yet we still have not gotten official confirmation on the jersey designs. While we continue to wait, check out this concept from D'Arcy Murphy. He envisions the old East-vs-West format along with a more traditional sweater aesthetic — a far cry from what we're likely to see on Jan. 25.

Blue Note Freak Out

Now there's a group of words that don't belong together. But this is the kind of thing you just can't do to the Blue Note. D'Arcy Murphy is giving us something to be thankful for today. Thankful that the Blues have never worn a jersey like this.

Brown Buffalo Freak Out

D'Arcy Murphy gives us a little something to freak out about on this Friday. He writes:

I opted to go with brown as the primary colour seeing as buffalo are that very colour. I kept yellow/gold as part of the scheme and ditched blue altogether in an attempt to create a more unique brand for the Sabres. The third sweater design borrows from a past Icethetics concept in that the buffalo and crossed sabres are free standing.

What do you think of blue-less Sabres?

Asian Olympic Dreams

This has been one of the most popular theme weeks the Concepts page has ever hosted. They just keep rolling in so I figured I'd extend the fun into this weekend of critical Olympic hockey games.

One continent we didn't get to earlier in the week was Asia. Three artists have taken care of that. D'Arcy Murphy gets us started with Team Kazakhstan. He was inspired by the country's colorful flag.

Next we have a couple of newcomers. Eli Swanson heads south to Afghanistan for this one. He was also inspired by a national flag. And truth be told, this set wouldn't have looked terribly out of place in Sochi.

Finally, Parth Shah tackles his native India for this jersey. He's the first to be featured on the site using the new IceGear template. What do you think of these three national team uniforms?

Check back tomorrow for one final set of Olympic jerseys from countries we didn't see in Sochi.

An Option for Edmonton

D'Arcy Murphy pointed out that the Oilers are one of the teams that isn't frequently featured here on the Concepts page. He surmised that designers are content with the team's look and see no reason to change it. But he did have an idea for a third jersey. I love that logo from the team's old alternate, but I'd prefer to see some alternate striping too.


D'Arcy heard your comments and revised his original design to make it more unique.