Stadium Creativity

I don't usually like to feature the same team two days in a row, but I couldn't pass up sharing Adam Del Monte's Stadium Series jerseys on this Outdoor Saturday. This is certainly a unique set and Reebok could probably do a lot worse. What do you think?

Wild Lights

It's Friday so you came here fully prepared to be freaked out. Mission accomplished. Jody Willard puts it like this: "Here is a concept if the Wild were around in the '90s. [sic] Based on the [L.A. Kings] Burger King [third jersey] mixed with the Northern Lights."

Unique Nordiques

Janik Beichler makes his debut on the Concepts page today with a Nordiques set. He writes:

Since the Nordiques would not be the only team from Quebec, the new color scheme is that of Quebec City, instead of the light blue of the province Quebec.
The ship in the logo is also that from the Quebec City flag. However, the fleur de lis is still included, which creates a combination between the historical team and the expansion franchise — similar to the Winnipeg Jets, who went with a new style and color scheme, while maintaining the name.

Janik also submitted this set which relies more heavily on the previous Nordiques logo. Do you have a preference?

Canuck Quality

The Canucks recently announced the spaghetti skate will skate again in the familiar black, red and yellow color scheme. Building on that idea, Taylor Roy removes the skate and reintroduces Johnny Canuck into the mix. I gotta say... I am a fan.

Panther Perfection

I've said it before but I'm not sure Bastian Schmülling is capable of creating a bad concept. His take on the Florida Panthers is another gem. It's the way he designs jerseys that are modern yet somehow still traditional that gets me. Would you agree?