Dual Heritage

There's wide speculation the Senators and Canadiens will meet for an outdoor game next season and Chris Fortier is offering a possible preview of what that game might look like. As a bonus, he's got a second potential Heritage Classic match-up between the Habs and Maple Leafs.

Identity Swap: Fins and Horns

Lucas Daitchman's work is showing up here on Icethetics almost every week — and he still has literally hundreds of great concept submissions waiting to be published. Not sure I've ever seen anyone with so much to contribute. But nevertheless, Lucas has our Freak Out Friday covered with another clever Identity Swap — this time with a San Jose Sharks uniform kit inspired by the New Jersey Devils. 

New Hawks

Hard to mess with the Hawks, but there might be something here. Steven Grants writes: "Here's a concept testing out some new ideas for the Blackhawks — including different pants for at home and on the road."