Triple Tampa Freak Out

It wouldn't be Friday if we weren't a little freaked out. Doing the duty this week is James Harter with his take on the Tampa Bay Lightning. Look closely and you'll notice he's created a clever mix of all three primary logos from the team's history.

A Leaf Centennial

Jamie Robertson proposes a 100th anniversary jersey for the Toronto Maple Leafs today. It's crazy we're just a season away from a century of NHL hockey.

Rangers of America

Check out this Rangers set from newcomer Alan Su, who was inspired by Team USA's Olympic sweaters. Not a bad look, right?

UPDATE · Jul 30 · After reading your comments, Alan has a revision to his design.

Inspired by Pirates

Dylan Nowak is proposing a couple of Penguins jerseys inspired by the old Pittsburgh Pirates. I couldn't see the Pens doing this full time, but maybe for a special event — such as the 90th anniversary of the Pirates' founding, which just happens to be this year.

New Jersey?

With Lou Lamoriello suddenly out of the picture in New Jersey, is it possible the Devils could now make room for a new jersey? (Unavoidable wordplay.) Consider that the team's incoming GM previously ran a club that's had three different alternate uniforms in the last four years. In any event, what do you think of the New Jersey third proposed here by Tristan Mani?