A New Chief

I know, I know. The Blackhawks are untouchable. But just look for a second. Mark Morgan reimagines the classic Indian head with a fresh perspective and it's actually pretty awesome. Or is it just me?

Bring Back the Rats!

Brandon Holmes is casting a vote for the New Jersey Devils to bring back the Albany River Rats as their AHL affiliate. The River Rats partnered with the Devils from 1993 to 2006 before joining the Carolina Hurricanes. Then they moved to Charlotte, N.C. in 2010 and Albany got a new team named, disappointingly, the Devils.

Midwest Winter

This Outdoor Saturday takes us to St. Louis for Gary Beatman's take on the next Winter Classic in 2017. Simple. Classic. Pretty much perfect.

Freaky Kings

John Elbertson is going with gold and purple for the Kings — and basically nothing else. The lack of white in the sweaters really showcases the Burger King's teeth. Does he whiten? Either way, freaky. Happy Friday.