Angrier Sharks

With the release of the San Jose Sharks' new secondary logos, Matt McElroy is peering into the future for a possible third jersey in 2017-18. If nothing else, it's proof that this new mark makes a solid crest.

Golden Bruins

Now that the Penguins are shifting back to yellow, it leaves them and the Bruins with a similar look again. But what if Boston ditched their black jerseys and went with gold instead? They could use this set by Ryan Christensen.

Purple All Over

If Steven Grant could redesign the L.A. Kings, he'd give them one color — and it wouldn't be black. Personally I'm a big fan of this particular one-color treatment. Some teams can pull it off.

Las Vegas Silver Knights

While it seems like any variation of Knights is out of the running as the name of the NHL's new Las Vegas franchise, maybe there's still hope. Troy Birmingham designed a solid logo and uniform set for the Las Vegas Silver Knights. I think I'd buy that jersey.