Le Bleu

Who's ready for a blue third jersey in Montreal? Tristan Mani seems to be and I'm with him. And as you can see it really doesn't have to be much harder than reversing some colors.

Heating Up

The Stockton Heat are basically minor league replicas of the Calgary Flames. How great would it be to see them in something all their own? Alan John Herbert's design would be an instant classic.

Seawolves Pride

This weekend we head north for a pair of concepts starring the University of Alaska Anchorage. First up, Ben Shaffer shares a new home and road set for the Seawolves.

Meanwhile, Chance Waddell chooses to go with a bold third jersey. Designed by different artists at different times, these three sweaters go remarkably well together and make for a fitting finale to our College Saturday miniseries.

Next week, we're back to outdoor game concepts!

Freaky Oil

Here's an Oilers third jersey that would be more than a little out there. Steven Grant would resurrect the logo designed by Todd MacFarlane on none other than a gunmetal jersey. It's a little much for me. What about you?

Mile High Remix

We've been remixing it up the last two days, so why not another? This time Stephen Griesmer has  toyed with some logos from Colorado's hockey history en route to a new jersey for the Avalanche. I think it would've made a decent Stadium Series sweater.