Colorado Classic

Jamie Robertson was inspired by the Avs' new third jersey crest enough to create a home and road set. It's a cool logo but I'm not sure I want to see the existing primary disappear anytime soon.

Nashville Fauxback

Start your week off right with a fauxback jersey from Brian Brideau. It's a look the Nashville Predators could really pull off should they ever get the opportunity to star in a future Winter Classic. Though even I'll admit those odds aren't great.

WHA Resurrection, Part 2

Colin Magee picks up his three-week series today as he wonders what five more teams would look like if the WHA came back today. He's got a great touch.

Stadium Creativity

I don't usually like to feature the same team two days in a row, but I couldn't pass up sharing Adam Del Monte's Stadium Series jerseys on this Outdoor Saturday. This is certainly a unique set and Reebok could probably do a lot worse. What do you think?