Sabres Simplified

You can't simplify the Buffalo Sabres' look much more than this. Alan Su dropped the white buffalo in favor of a front jersey number. While there's plenty to dislike about that, there is something intriguing about this set.

D.C. Old & New

A tough loss last night puts the Caps in a precarious position in their series, so let's lighten things up with some cool sweaters. Jon Cardner reimagines D.C. club with a mix of old and new — the current logo with history-inspired jerseys. I particularly like the blue third!

Timeless Kings

I'm getting bad. For the second time in recent memory I posted a concept that's been featured on the site before. I'm usually pretty good at organizing data, but lately, I don't know. Anyway, to make up for it, I'm adding this interesting Kings concept from Lucas Daitchman.

The original post follows.

This Kings concept from Greydon Ginter is one of my favorite L.A. designs ever to come through. What a great faux retro look. Anyone agree?

Inching Closer

As the reveal of the Florida Panthers' new uniforms inches closer, tangible details are beginning to emerge. Recently, the new logo was leaked and the club's CEO tweeted a sneak peek at the new sweater. In today's concept, Andy Bourne applies the leaked crest to a jersey design based on some of the reports that have been floating around.