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Alternate Orange Ideas for Philly

Concepts like this one by Dylan Wonka have been prevalent for a while. A lot of people seem to be interested in a Flyers jersey that pays tribute to the old Philadelphia Quakers. So what are they waiting for? It's not a bad look.

I couldn't decide between these two Flyers concepts by Dylan, so I decided to post them both today. Though it occurs to me this second one might have too much of a Pittsburgh feel, given the new third jersey they just unveiled on Friday.

If you had to choose between the two, which would you pick?



The MLS Collection, Part 2

David Parkinson is back with the second half of his MLS hockey sweaters today. Last week, we got the Western Conference. Now, we wrap up with the Eastern Conference.

(Click the images above to enlarge and view as a slideshow.)

David based his jerseys on local hockey teams, as follows:

  • Chicago Fire based on Blackhawks
  • Columbus Crew based on Blue Jackets
  • D.C. United based on Washington Capitals
  • Houston Dynamo based on Houston Aeros (AHL, 1994)
  • Kansas City Sporting based on Kansas City Scouts (NHL, 1974)
  • Montreal Impact based on Canadiens
  • New England Revolution based on Boston Bruins
  • Philadelphia Union based on Flyers
  • New York Red Bull based on Rangers
  • Toronto FC based on Maple Leafs

We're sticking with the soccer theme next Sunday, but with a completely different spin.


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Caps and Hawks in the Ballpark

The next big jersey unveiling on the NHL calendar happens Tuesday when the Washington Capitals reveal their look for the 2015 Winter Classic. Last year, Tyler Duchaine and Brendan Sheridan of the Capitals Hill blog put together this concept.

Recently, Tyler asked if I'd like to feature it on Icethetics. I figured the last Outdoor Saturday concept post before the real unveiling would be the perfect time to share it. Their logo looks great, but I think the jersey is probably dead on. Yes, it's the obvious way to go, but that doesn't make it wrong. What are you hoping for?

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The Whalercanes

Jake Miller takes us to the weekend on this Freak Out Friday.

This is different than every thing that they've worn up to this point... in Carolina. This is what I like to a Modern-Hartford-lina (yes I know that's the worst name you've ever heard), it has the Modern Hartford colors, but with subliminated flags in the striping, it calls back to Carolina.

Which name is worse? Hartford-lina or Whalercanes?



WHA Revival, Part 2

Nick Burton is reviving the WHA in a special series of concept posts. Part 2 kicks off with a classy new look for the Cincinnati Stingers. 

Those may be Miami Dolphins colors, but the San Diego Mariners' collegiate style really stands out.

And finally, here's what Nick thinks the Toronto Toros might look like if they'd survived to today.

Check back next Thursday for Part 3 of this four-part series.