Five By Caleb Fuller

Today, Caleb Fuller finds himself the owner of a Freak Out Friday. His designs are minimalist and a bit unusual — but interesting nevertheless. Like a red jersey for the Blue Jackets or purple sleeves on a white Kings jersey. What do you think? Should any of these make their way to the NHL?

Five By Dallas Kirkpatrick

Dallas Kirkpatrick is not afraid to be creative. He has some great designs to share here. And it's not just existing NHL teams he's playing with. Check out his modernized Cleveland Barons. Plus, he's throwing in his idea for a future Las Vegas NHL team called the Nevada Bombers.

Five By Jamie Robertson

Today's batch of five comes from Jamie Robertson. I really like his take on the Canucks — retro style with '90s colors and the modernized stick in the rink crest. And how about that orange Islanders sweater? Too bright for Brooklyn?

Five By Avi Stein

Avi Stein has some third jersey ideas for several teams. Red and black seems to be the theme of the day, but there are some standouts in here, including the modern/retro Caps jersey. I'm also partial to his Hawks design. How about you?

Five By Tristan Mani

We have some awfully talented and prolific designers contributing to this page on a regular basis, so I feel compelled to return to the "Five By" series again with a new group of artists. And this time we're tackling the entire week — five concepts a day for the next seven days!

Let's start with Tristan Mani. He's got a unique style and five third jersey proposals. Which is your favorite? I'm having trouble deciding between Boston and San Jose.