Kings of Color

Lucas Daitchman is among those hoping to see the Kings reintroduce some color to the palette when Adidas takes over next season. What do you think of this look?

Bruins By Hand

Our resident master of the handmade jersey concept has, for the first time, tackled the untouchable Boston Bruins. As you can see, Morgo Uxbridge hasn't done much of anything to alter the home and road sweaters, but his alternate is a thing of beauty!

Yes Sir!

A new week brings a new third jersey idea for the Tampa Bay Lightning. John Elbertson goes with a traditional chest stripe and for the hanger effect resurrects a classic saying that only long time Bolts fans are likely to remember — former radio announcer Larry's Hirsch's famous bellowing of "yessir!" following a goal.

Grand Griffins

Jon Cardner has an updated look in mind for the Grand Rapids Griffins here. What if they focused on red as their primary color instead of black? And what about simplifying the crest?