Island Orange

Every once in a while we're treated to a great rebrand for a storied team. Today, Lexi Dever presents a brilliant take on the New York Islanders — and note there's no black and white in sight.

Nordiques in a New Era

A few years ago, Alex Flick won a logo design contest for what would prove to be a short-lived Central Hockey League team named the St. Charles Chill. Today, he's updating the Quebec Nordiques for a new era. Quite a talent here.

Legault's Expansion IV

Christian Legault has taken over our Saturday concept posts for a few weeks. After tackling Las Vegas, Seattle and Kansas City, he's trying his hand at Quebec today. What do you think of his new take on the Nordiques? If the design looks familiar, its actually Christian's third version since August and December last year.

Triple Tampa Freak Out

It wouldn't be Friday if we weren't a little freaked out. Doing the duty this week is James Harter with his take on the Tampa Bay Lightning. Look closely and you'll notice he's created a clever mix of all three primary logos from the team's history.