Edmonton Orange

If the Edmonton Oilers ever came out with a jersey like this, I suspect it would receive a welcome about as warm as the one given to the Buffalo Sabres' latest third jersey. And that's the only reason why I'm posting it on a Freak Out Friday because, truthfully, I dig it.

Dallas Kirkpatrick, whose crest was inspired by the Oilers' 25th anniversary logo, has achieved what third jerseys were designed to achieve in my opinion. What's yours?

Mighty Identity

You wouldn't believe the volume of Anaheim Ducks concepts coming my way these days. I think that orange Stadium Series jersey got the wheels turning for a lot folks. So expect to see a lot more in the coming weeks and months.

For now, here's a neat set from Justin Nahhas. The modern crest mixed with very traditional jersey elements and the retro Disney duck is a unique take. And be sure to click over to the black alternate he included.

Serious as a Shark Attack

This one takes us back. Mike Ivall first submitted this logo way back in 2008. I just stumbled across it while doing some "house cleaning" and realized I never posted it to the site. Time to rectify that. Mike's idea was to overhaul the Sharks' new logo by making a bit meaner.

You'll recall Mike designed a Blackhawks logo just prior this one that ended up getting stolen and used without permission on gear and merchandise all over the place. He's since sold the design to another company.

By the way, in my defense, Mike's email did say, "Post it whenever you want."

Jets Get Reset

Showcasing a new feature of the Concepts page today. Sometimes designers submit a concept that can't be properly seen in one graphic, so I have to split them up. Usually that means you have to scroll down the page. Not anymore. Check out the controls on the sides. This is a mini-slideshow.

Jacques Vignavong felt like redesigning the Winnipeg Jets' uniforms while adding a throwback third jersey. What do you think of his set?


Jacques made a few minor tweaks to his design, particularly the alternate.

Avalanche Alternate

Football is over! Welcome back hockey fans! Great game for the 12th Man here in Seattle. (They were out in the streets all night keeping me up!) Not such a great game if you were in Denver. So here's a consolation Avalanche concept.

Dylan Wonka has a cool idea to improve the Avs' blue third jersey. I think it's pretty sharp.