Olympic Dreams on the British Isles

This week we're looking at concepts for nations that are not playing Olympic hockey in Sochi. Today, we head to the British Isles where Matt McElroy put together this set for Ireland. It's no surprise the Irish aren't participating. The highest they've ever been ranked by the IIHF is 40th. (And they once lost a game to Romania 22-0. A hockey game.)

David Parkinson takes us across the Irish Sea for a set of British uniforms. The crest is a little hard to see over the chest stripe, but I like the use of Nike's new shoulder embellishments. What do you think of these two sets?

Turkish Olympic Dreams

I'm using this International Sunday as an early launch pad for a new theme week. It's all about what-ifs. What if Team X qualified for the Olympics? What might their jerseys look like? Jake Miller gets us started with this set for Turkey.

Sunshine Stadium Series

It's clear from a recent poll of Icethetics readers, you're absolutely not interested in seeing a Stadium Series game hosted in the Sunshine Staete next season. So maybe with the help of David Parkinson, I can try to change your mind. Look at this. Wouldn't it be cool?

Philadelphia Phreak Out

Many people don't think the Buffalo Sabres' new third jersey is well suited to them. How about to the Flyers? Brian Brideau just wanted to freak you out. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

Capitals by Hand

Who doesn't like a good hand drawn concept? Morgo Uxbridge has a new one today for the Washington Capitals. It employs the color scheme and logo the Caps used between 1995 and 2007. I always thought it was a great, unique look. But when you play in the U.S. capital, it's tough not to go with the red, white and blue. (Also, apologies for the long delay in getting this one posted today.)