All-Stars Without Borders

Tonight, the AHL's best players face Färjestad BK of the Swedish Hockey League in the first-of-its-kind AHL All-Star Classic, hosted by the St. John's IceCaps. Robb Clarke thought the teams might look good in these jerseys. What do you think?

Chicago, Wear This Now

When I saw this Blackhawks concept by Colin May, I was absolutely blown away. How simple, yet remarkably brilliant. My message to Chicago is "wear this now!" At the very least, it should be the next third jersey. Am I alone on that one?

Bruin Up Perfection

You could say the Boston Bruins have perfect jerseys as they currently stand. Yet Steven Grant has created a set that you could say the same thing about. Maybe there's just something to be said for how great the Bruins identity is that you can't help but have awesome jerseys.

American Quartet

With the Winter Olympics now underway, the ever creative Matt McElroy offers up a quartet of USA jersey options for those displeased by what Nike put forth. Which of these jerseys do you like best? My personal favorite is the top left.

Steel City Stadium Blue

The Pittsburgh Penguins will be anything but colorful in their Stadium Series game against the Blackhawks next month. So David Parkinson figured he'd infuse a little pigment by merging a couple of bygone Pens eras. The result is a solid hockey sweater.