Fixing Germany

Robb Clarke was one of a number of fans displeased with Nike's attempt at redesigning hockey uniforms for the 2014 Olympics. So he decided to redesign Germany's set — though I personally felt Nike nailed Germany. Of course there's also the issue that the IOC wouldn't allow that logo on the black jersey. But other than that, do you think the design is better than what Nike introduced?

NCAA Ice Bowl

How about something a little different this Outdoor Saturday? Ryan Haslett imagines a stadium event for college hockey called the Ice Bowl. He's pitted the Minnesota Golden Gophers against the Penn State Nittany Lions for 2014. What do you think?

California Freak Out

Matt Marczel wanted to freak us out today. Keep looking. You'll see it. Sharks fans already did.

In reality, though, Matt says he was inspired by the San Jose Sharks' AHL affiliate — the Worcester Sharks, who wore these theme jerseys in November. 

Not So Rebellious

Lest we have a week go by without a little something from Bastian Schmülling. Recently, someone asked to see a Red Deer Rebels concept on the site. I thought surely no one's taken the time. But of course Bastian has designed something for just about every team you can imagine. I may have to dedicate and entire week to him sometime soon.

The title of this post refers to Bastian's traditional jersey design style — which probably has a lot to do with why his concepts are always so highly rated. What do you guys think? Bastian Week?

Bolts and Black

The Tampa Bay Lightning are officially introducing a new third jersey next season. Will it be black? Will it still say Bolts? Avi Stein puts forth this idea. Any takers?