A Bastian of Gold

Yellow jerseys seem to be quietly trending in the hockey universe these days. The Predators made it their primary color in 2011, the Sabres introduced a gold third this season, and the Kings will wear a yellow throwback starting next season. Not to mention the AHL's Providence Bruins wear yellow instead of white for home games since last season.

So maybe Bastian Schmülling is on to something with these yellow sweaters of his. In fact, a jersey like the Penguins one above may very well be seen on NHL ice next season if the rumors are to be believed.

You may not have thought about the Panthers in gold before, but they are at home in the Sunshine State, so it makes sense. And with Bastian's design sense, it's not a bad look either.

As mentioned, the Kings will have a gold throwback option for their Legends Night events next season. But what about a full home and road set built around yellow? Could be worse. They could just be black and white. Oh, wait.

Bastian tackles Ohio tomorrow!

A Bastian of Third Jerseys

Bastian Schmülling Week continues with a series of alternate sweaters. Ever since the 2010 Winter Classic, I've been waiting for the Bruins to introduce a yellow third jersey. Is now the time?

The Lightning will unveil a new third jersey next season. Will it be black? If it looks like this, I sure wouldn't mind.

And how about a grey Sharks jersey? The Stadium series proved grey could look good on the ice. I think it would look even better with a splash of color in the stripes — as opposed to the black and white we saw with the Kings.

Tomorrow is all about the yellow jersey.

A Bastian of Tradition

This entire week's worth of concept art revolves around one guy. Bastian Schmülling is by far one of the most prolific designers submitting work to Icethetics. But it's not just sheer volume that makes Bastian stand out. It's his attention to detail and his eye for a great hockey sweater.

His work has a very traditional and classic sense. I selected these three designs to display today because I think they're a good representation of his particular style. I could see that Blues jersey on NHL ice tomorrow.

Even these Senators and Oilers designs are sharp designs the quality of which is being lost in today's modern Reebok-based NHL. It's great to see someone thinking like this.

As promised, this entire week will be filled with Bastian's designs — and even at three concepts per day we'll still only be scratching the surface of his volume of work. But there's definitely some great stuff to come. Each day will feature a special theme.

Hope you guys like his work as much as I do or this could be a difficult week!

8-Bit Sochi

Who doesn't love some classic 8-bit hockey jersey art? Al McCready is always there for us in that regard. With this submission, he tackles all 30 Olympic hockey sweaters used a couple months in Sochi.

By the way, our Olympic Jersey Tournament is down to the final four so get over there and vote!

Southern California Remix

This could be a neat Winter Classic jersey for the Kings someday. Brian Brideau has mixed a few eras to come up with this look. What do you think?