Don't Freak Out, Nashville

As a follow-up to Tuesday's April Fools' Day post, what if another team tried to use the Sabres' third jersey? It could certainly work for the Predators. You'd just have to think of the sleeve swords as fangs. Avi Stein could do it. What do you think? Is this template any less freaky when applied to another team? Or more?

Remaking a Capital Classic

Ross Taylor is a talented artist and long time friend of Icethetics, so I've done him a disservice by waiting so long to post a concept he submitted way back in 2011. But better late than never, right? It's well past time for the Ottawa Senators to update their uniforms, but I'm not in favor of their heritage jerseys as many others are. Some classics should be left for special occasions.

However, this rarely used alternate logo really needs to see time on the front of a jersey to remind us how good this team looked when it was introduced back in the '90s. Am I alone here?

South Florida Style

I always love seeing concepts artists step outside the box. Miles Miller, in his first Icethetics post, gave the Florida Panthers a unique treatment by quite literally coloring outside the lines. And for all its weirdness, when you look at it a while, it has the feel of a classic hockey sweater. I was really impressed with this one.

Though for future reference, I'm sure a handful of Panther fans (ick) will make it known that the Cats should be red, not blue. Still a sharp design, regardless.

Fixing the Sabres' New Third Jersey

Today, we attempt to fix the Buffalo Sabres' widely despised new third jersey. Kevin Garrigan is up first, making the adjustments you see above.

Next we have former IceHL AGM Austin Ell with another.

Ok, I confess. This is one of the many April Fools' Day jokes you're finding all over the web today. Anyone will tell you there's no fixing that jersey. They'll tell you it's unfixable. (Or if they're me, they'll simply tell you it doesn't need fixing.)

So how about a real concept?

How's that for a yellow Sabres third jersey? Bastian Schmülling usually hits the mark with his classic style. By the way, I hope you guys like that style because you're going to be seeing an awful lot of Bastian's work next week. I have 28 of his concepts (you read that right) ready to post beginning Monday.

Penguins Through the Years

The Penguins have worn a lot of jerseys over the years — and there are surely many more to come. But for now, Dallas Kirkpatrick mixes together some elements of the past with the current color palette to create an interesting set.