Arizona Freak Out

Better late than never, right? Keeping the streak alive with today's Coyotes-centric Freak Out Friday. Adam Hainsfurther submitted this rather unique take on the soon-to-be-renamed club. 

Throwback Thursday: Metropolitan Division

Last week kicked off a special miniseries of fauxback NHL jerseys created by Brendan Hennessy. Today we get a look at his old-timey designs for the teams of the Metropolitan Division.

Island Grey

I'm not sure there's a big appetite around here to see the Islanders ditch orange as a primary color, but Caleb Fuller's grey-based design still makes for an interesting concept.

Start Your Engines

Steven Grant presents a unique third jersey with a racing theme for the Motor City-based Detroit Red Wings. He writes:

For this concept I was just messing around with a few ideas for a Red Wings third jersey. The striping pattern is inspired by racing stripes on old fashioned cars. The captain patch in a circle is also inspired by old cars, specifically how old racing cars had numbers within a circle. I then used their old fashioned D logo as the primary logo, and I kept the equipment from their current jerseys.

What do you say? Too far out for a franchise as old as the Wings? Or just what they need to shake up their look?

A Pitt of Gold


The Penguins are on track to add a new third jersey this fall. Justin Wiltron had a couple of ideas when it comes to choosing the color.

Here are some Penguins concepts that dive into the very underrated color of gold, one that should be used in sports more often. One is a normal concept and the other, well, it goes back to some very old Pittsburgh Pirates days, perfect for a Freak Out Friday.

I don't think his Pirates homage was that freaky. You decide.

Perhaps this could be a future Winter Classic possibility for the Pens?