Five by Colin May

It's been a fun week of looking at the variety of work from some of our most prolific concept artists. We're wrapping it up with Colin May. I'm particularly intrigued by his Lightning jersey!

Five by Nick Burton

Some people send an awful lot of great concept art my way. This week, I'm dropping my one-per-day rule to showcase them. Nick Burton's five includes a few neat third jersey ideas.

Five by Bastian Schmülling

This week I'm sharing bonus quantities of concepts to showcase some of our most talented and prolific designers. Today, enjoy this quintet from Bastian Schmülling. 

Five by Dylan Wonka

Some of our most talented concept artists are also our most prolific. In an effort to showcase many of their more creative and unique designs, we have a theme week. I'll be presenting five cool designs for five different teams every day.

First up is Dylan Wonka. His set of five shows not only that he loves to experiment with a variety of templates, but that he has a one-of-a-kind vision for NHL jerseys.

Lahden Pelicans

Jake Miller thinks the Finnish Liiga's Lahden Pelicans could use a makeover. He writes:

These are kinda based off the North American style, but the yoke is more fitting of Europe. I also created the logo as their current one is too, minor league for my liking.

This is what he means.