It's All Black and White

For a few weekends, we're revisiting past Sunday concept series. Today, take a look back at a time when we all worried the New York Islanders were going to be wearing black and white when they moved to Brooklyn. Here's a trio of concepts I never got around to sharing.

First up, Jason Pires created a set of home and road sweaters for the Isles. As black and white jerseys go, these aren't half bad. I particularly like the wave pattern on the pants.

Concepts page rookie Reagan King offers up a third jersey modeled after the old Brooklyn Dodgers. While it might sell, I see them doing something more original.

Finally, Bryan Wrede — two rookies in one day! — has another third jersey option. But it's conceptual similarity to the Rangers might make it a non-starter.

Icethetics concepts will be presented in color again tomorrow. By the way, we're three days away from the 900th consecutive concept post! Any ideas on what I should do to celebrate on Wednesday?

Winter Under the Arch


For this week's Outdoor Saturday concept, we turn to Jamie Robertson who envisions the 2016 NHL Winter Classic in Missouri between the Blues and Predators. Can't imagine the red will go over well with this crowd, but I thought this was a creative set nonetheless..

Quite a Mighty Freak Out

Well. Where to begin? In a nutshell, it looks like Nick Burton has given the Anaheim Ducks a "Mighty" makeover — not the 1993 NHL variety, but rather the 1992 film variety. So what do you think?

Desert Green

As the Arizona Coyotes embark on a new era, perhaps a uniform upgrade is in order. And maybe it could involve more than two colors. Justin Wiltron spices things up with a little green.