Montreal Jedi

I've been spending the last few weekends revisiting past Sunday series. Anyone remember Beer League Sundays? That was interesting. Today we have one from Sylvain Rogé and his Montreal Jedi club.

California Adventure


We learned this week the San Jose Sharks will participate in their first outdoor game next season as they host the Kings at Levi's Stadium. I've already received a couple of concepts regarding what they might wear.

Justin Wiltron has gone the traditional route. He's got Blackhawks-style striping and the classy white cuffs and shoulder yoke. But I think we all know it's not going that way. The NHL proved last year the Stadium Series is meant for modern jersey designs.


To that end, we have this one from Kyle Rubin. It's a rehash of this year's template in Sharks colors — but where's the chrome crest? Hopefully those were a mistake well-learned from.

RT This Jersey

Instead of names on the back of jerseys, what if they were Twitter handles?

Those ominous words from Mike Monti sent shivers down my spine. What if, indeed. Anybody else freaked out?

Classic or Modern?

Rate the red and blue design:

Rate the green and black design:

 A few weeks ago, we got a glimpse at what the NHL is planning for the 2015 All-Star Game. Christian Legault has a simple question for you: Classic or modern? Pick your poison.

Five by Steven Grant

Nine hundred consecutive days and counting! That's how long you've been able to find new fan-submitted concept art here on Icethetics. It's a big milestone so we're celebrating with the subject of a recent theme week where I featured five designs each from some of our most prolific artists. This time around we get a handful from Steven Grant.

By the way, in case you're keeping track, we should hit our 1,000th post on Nov. 14.