The Wild by Hand

Who says you need a computer to create an awesome set of hockey sweaters? Morgo Uxbridge shares another brilliant hand-drawn redesign, this time for the Minnesota Wild. I particularly like his North Stars-inspired alternate logo. Best mix of North Stars and Wild I think I've ever seen.

Ranger Pinstripes

Yesterday I shared a collection of MLB-inspired concept jerseys. Today, this Rangers design from Colin May takes a cue from the Yankees with those classic pinstripes — not unlike what we saw on Henrik Lundqvist's goalie pads during the Stadium Series.

The MLB Collection, Part 1

Now for something different! David Parkinson has been at work designing hockey sweaters for Major League Baseball teams — sweaters inspired by the local hockey franchises.

(Click the above images to enlarge and view as a slideshow.)

If you're curious, here's a list of what teams David based his jerseys on:

  • Baltimore Orioles based on Baltimore Blades (WHA, 1974)
  • Boston Red Sox based on Bruins
  • Cleveland Indians based on Lake Erie Monsters (AHL)
  • Chicago White Sox based on Blackhawks
  • Detroit Tigers based on Red Wings
  • Houston Astros based on Houston Aeros (AHL, 1994)
  • Kansas City Royals based on Kansas City Scouts (NHL, 1974)
  • Los Angeles Angels based on Anaheim Ducks
  • Minnesota Twins based on Wild
  • New York Yankees based on Rangers
  • Oakland Athletics based on Oakland Seals (NHL, 1967)
  • Seattle Mariners based on Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL)
  • Tampa Bay Rays based on Lightning
  • Texas Rangers based on Dallas Stars
  • Toronto Blue Jays based on Maple Leafs

This covers the American League. Check back next Sunday for the National League.

Rocky Mountain Classic

Anybody interested in seeing the 2016 NHL Winter Classic in Denver? A game between the Avalanche and Blues could be positively stunning if Dylan Wonka has anything to say about it.

Quebec Freak Out

Just to freak you out today, Brian Brideau has made this. He writes:

Montreal Quebecers: visuals of what my Habs would look like if Quebec ever went independent.

If nothing else, it's a solid mix between the Canadiens and Nordiques. Pretty crazy, right?