O Canada!

The next time Team Canada takes the ice, Steven Grant would have them wearing something like this. Some may complain about the inclusion of black but this is just a great look.

Canada in 2018

Will Canada capture its third straight gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics? Would they look good wearing a set of jerseys like these created by Nick Burton? Anything is possible.

By the way, I'm thinking about wrapping up the International Sunday series for a while. Any suggestions for a new Sunday series?

Sometimes You Need a Big Leaf

The Olympics are long over, but the International Sunday series continues. Today, Mat Ware presents a bit of a throwback as we contemplate the South Korea Games in 2018.

0653: Canada in Sochi

As our International Sunday series returns, we're taking a look at a neat set of Olympic jerseys created by Eric Westhaver. Last week, we saw his take on the U.S. This week he tackles Canada. He writes:

Simple, traditional, yet bold. Kind of like Team Canada, right? There are eight gold maple leaves on the back hem of the home and away — and on the right cuff of all three jerseys — to represent eight gold medal wins, and the words, "TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE" written on the left cuff. The third is based off of the uniforms worn by the 1948 gold medal winning RCAF Flyers.

0567: Team Canada in Sochi

Skipping our Winter Classic Saturday series today for something more timely. On Thursday night, the world got a sneak peek of what may be Team Canada's 2014 Olympic jersey. With that in mind, a few concept artists have toyed with the idea. Francis Matte has a revised version of the red sweater along with a white one to match.

Adam Ravenhill decided to stick with the Nike design for the red jersey and also add a white version. Any chance the maple leaf in the middle of that one could be white? Or is that sacrilege in the Great White North?

And now for something completely different. Devin Durocher submitted this one last week, prior to Thursday's leak. He writes: "It's very simple with a few accents. There is a gold 8 in the V of the collar for the 8 golds Canada has won at the Olympics. Also inside the collar at the back of the neck it says TRUE NORTH."

Thoughts on these designs? Are you worried about the official unveiling of Canada's sweaters?