Throwback Thursday: Central Division

Today brings the finale of Brendan Hennessy's Throwback Thursday miniseries. He's reimagined every NHL team's branding as it might have existed a century ago — complete with retro nicknames and sweaters.

Throwback Thursday: Atlantic Division

After a brief break, we return to Brendan Hennessy's Throwback Thursday miniseries. He wonders, what if all 30 NHL teams existed a century ago? What might their sweaters have looked like? This week, it's the Atlantic Division.

Throwback Thursday: Metropolitan Division

Last week kicked off a special miniseries of fauxback NHL jerseys created by Brendan Hennessy. Today we get a look at his old-timey designs for the teams of the Metropolitan Division.

Throwback Thursday: Pacific Division

Over the next four weeks, I have a special miniseries to present. Brendan Hennessy has designed fauxback jerseys for 30 NHL teams, imagining how they might've looked a century ago. The task is simple for teams that actually are that old. But it gets interesting for teams that have not.

Look for new Throwback Thursday posts featuring each NHL division for the next few weeks.