World Cup of Adidas

Adidas takes its first stab at hockey uniforms next fall with the return of the World Cup of Hockey. Jon Cardner puts forth his take on what those uniforms might look like.

0695: Finland in Sochi

It's been a treat these last several weeks to see the various creative jersey designs Eric Westhaver has put forth for the countries being represented in Sochi next month. Today is no exception as he deals up a fresh look for Finland. See his comments below.

Simple, traditional. Another sharp look with a lot of contrast for a team steeped in history. Although all three jerseys look old, they are completely original creations (besides the logos, obviously).

We'll wrap up Eric's Sunday series next weekend with the Latvian team.

0477: Team Finland

Back to our International Sundays this week with Bastian Schmülling's take on the Finnish national team's uniforms. As usual with Mr. Schmülling, they're pretty sharp. And he's got another good one coming next Sunday!

0134: Go Team Finland!

For the last few Sundays, I've been featuring concepts with more of an international flavor. So I thought I'd keep it up with the Olympics around the corner. Today, Jekabs Elerts presents a very sharp look for Finland. But it feels incomplete. Where's the Suomi?

By the way, if I had planned ahead better, I would've held last week's Team Canada concept for today to celebrate Canada's Independence Day. Oops. But you can bet on red, white and blue for the Fourth of July.