Five By Caleb Fuller

Today, Caleb Fuller finds himself the owner of a Freak Out Friday. His designs are minimalist and a bit unusual — but interesting nevertheless. Like a red jersey for the Blue Jackets or purple sleeves on a white Kings jersey. What do you think? Should any of these make their way to the NHL?

The Future of Pittsburgh Gold

Since the Penguins seem to be ready to start shifting back to Pittsburgh gold, anyone else envision a design like this one by Kevin Dion as a future third jersey?

(And I'm already anticipating the comments of a certain regular visitor.)


Back in the Day

Anyone remember that red third jersey the Sabres wore back in the day? John Elbertson thinks they should bring it back — as a primary uniform. Think he's onto something or what?

Winter in Boston

While we wait to see what jerseys the NHL has planned for the 2016 Winter Classic, Scott Garland has created his own take on the big outdoor game. Pretty solid stuff.