The Jets Package

Today brings a special concept from the highly talented Zachary Bautista. He's tried to go back to the drawing board on the Winnipeg Jets branding. He's tackled more than a dozen logo designs here. Which is your favorite?

Devils Simplified

On this Outdoor Saturday we get a very basic Devils jersey from Coby Schoolman — designed for a future Winter Classic or Stadium Series game.

Fixing the Stadium Series

On the day of the only Stadium Series game of the 2014-15 season season, I thought it fitting we visit some other ideas for the teams taking part. (If only I'd bothered to post it before the game started. Sorry about the delay.)

First up, John Elbertson tackles a grey jersey for the Kings, bringing back the logo from the Kings' original third jersey in 1996. The brown pants and gloves give the whole thing a unique look and feel. I do think we could ease up on the stripes though.

Meanwhile, Tyler Gross wanted to give a more traditional slant to the Sharks' outdoor jersey. It's a little Montreal-esque but it works. What do you think?

Improving On the Improved

It's difficult to improve on the St. Louis Blues jerseys after they basically perfected them this season. But Andrew Bourne is trying anyway. What do you think? Better, worse or same?