Freaky Blue Pens

If it's Friday, be prepared to freak out. Spencer Ford mixes the old '90s penguin with the two-tone blue palette of the 1970s for this Pittsburgh concept. It's unusual to be sure but I don't think that's a bad thing at all.

Sharks and Stripes

There's a running joke the San Jose Sharks dropped most of the striping from their jersey to save weight. So John Elbertson took it way back in the other direction — with a lot of stripes!

All Four All-Stars

It was a little disappointing to see the NHL go with two All-Star jerseys despite four teams participating in the new format. So what if they went with something like this set by Matthew Henderson? The black-vs-blue might be tricky, but the sleeve colors could help there.

Women of Winter

Prior to the 2016 Winter Classic, the NHL staged a women's game featuring teams from the American and Canadian leagues. Sadly, a tragic injury marred the event. However, the jerseys were great. But the talented Matt McElroy was still able to make some improvements.

Teal and Black

Teal and black looks great. Add grey and you've got a fantastic look for the Sharks. It's been nice seeing San Jose bring back their original jerseys a few times this season. It might also be nice to see a similar new sweater like this one from Kevin Dion.