Quaker Tradition

This isn't the first time we've seen a Flyers jersey inspired by the old Philadelphia Quakers, but this modernized take proves it might be worth a try, perhaps for an outdoor game.

Millionaires Modernized

The Vancouver Canucks have looked good in their Millionaires throwback jerseys in recent seasons. What do you think of introducing a version as a new third jersey with modern Canucks colors? Hunter Nordhauser shows us how it could work.

Hiding in Plain Sight

I recently wrote up a blog on hidden images in NHL logos. Simon Pure has taken the notion a step further by hiding images in existing logos. Check out what he's done for a couple of Original Six teams in the Maple Leafs and Rangers.

Even More Olympic Dreams

As the Olympics end, so ends our week of concepts centered around countries that didn't send hockey teams to Sochi. It's inspired a lot of people to submit artwork! Today we start with Brendan Klein who envisions this look for the smallest independent nation, Vatican City.


David Parkinson gives us our first South American team of the week with his take on hockey uniforms for Argentina. They're pretty sharp, actually!


Finally, Hunter Nordhauser takes us all the way to the frozen shores of Greenland.

If you submitted a concept that didn't get posted this week, don't fret. The International Sunday series will continue on so I can show off more of the great work everyone has sent in.

Asian Olympic Dreams

This has been one of the most popular theme weeks the Concepts page has ever hosted. They just keep rolling in so I figured I'd extend the fun into this weekend of critical Olympic hockey games.

One continent we didn't get to earlier in the week was Asia. Three artists have taken care of that. D'Arcy Murphy gets us started with Team Kazakhstan. He was inspired by the country's colorful flag.

Next we have a couple of newcomers. Eli Swanson heads south to Afghanistan for this one. He was also inspired by a national flag. And truth be told, this set wouldn't have looked terribly out of place in Sochi.

Finally, Parth Shah tackles his native India for this jersey. He's the first to be featured on the site using the new IceGear template. What do you think of these three national team uniforms?

Check back tomorrow for one final set of Olympic jerseys from countries we didn't see in Sochi.