Latvia in Sochi

With the Olympics now only weeks away, we're wrapping up Eric Westhaver's extensive international concept series today with his take on Team Latvia. Here's his description:

How can you not like a country whose flag looks like bacon? Seriously though, the flag features heavily and some traditional Latvian designs can be seen on the shoulders and cuffs. The numbers and letters have a subtle 3D effect (or drop shadow) as well.

Eric has also designed uniforms for the Czech, German, Swiss and Japanese teams. I hope to share them here between now and the end of the Winter Olympics, but I want to showcase some other artists for the next few Sundays.

0428: Team Latvia

Ok, I lied. I said we'd alternate between international and beer league concepts. But I have so many awesome national team concepts, I just have to stick to these for a little bit. We'll get back to the beer league teams soon enough though. Today, Steven Grant offers his take on Latvia.

0120: Go Team Latvia!

Jekabs Elerts has been putting together a series of international team uniform concepts. His first being featured today is Latvia. Fun new concept series starts tomorrow!