Ice Bowl 50

Every year on Super Bowl Sunday you wonder what the NFL's top teams would look like if they had hockey sweaters. Or maybe you don't. But if you do, Alan Su has the answer. Now go enjoy your Super Bowl parties. Hockey will be here for you tomorrow.

Ice Bowl XLIX

Our Super Bowl tradition continues with a trio of concepts converting the opponents in today's big game to hockey teams. First up is this sharp set from Justin Nahhas.

Ryan Osborn couldn't decide between modern or throwback jerseys — so he sent both.

And Devin Durocher went full on retro with his entry. Which one is your favorite?

Now that you're in the football spirit, take a look back at our previous Super Bowl concepts in 2014 and 2013. And then there's my favorite NFL hockey concept of all time.

SportSwap: Jacksonville Jaguars

Our SportSwap Sunday series — so named last week by Justin Wiltron — continues with Brian Brideau's sweater design for the Jacksonville Jaguars to mark the start of the NFL season.


I'm sure we all saw this coming. Brandon Holmes reimagines today's Super Bowl XLVIII opponents as hockey teams — with hockey jerseys. What do you think? Are the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos brands better suited to football?

We'll return to our regular International Sunday fun next week.

0351: Super Bowl Sunday

Got a special post today. In honor of Super Bowl XLVII, we have a handful of NFL hockey sweater concepts from frequent contributor Brian Brideau. We start, of course, with the Ravens and 49ers. And as a bonus, Brian has designed jerseys for 8 other teams. Check them out.

Our brand new Sunday concept series kicks off one week from today.