Seattle Sea Lions

I thought we'd revisit some past Sunday series over the next few weekends. Today, we get a look at a collaboration between two frequent contributors who were not featured this past week. Dylan Alexander and Matt McElroy collaborated on this complete branding package for a Seattle expansion team named the Sea Lions.

0597: Seattle Emeralds II

This Seattle Emeralds concept is in no way related to the one from last Sunday, so it's just a coincidence that Norway's Andrés Godoe has used the same name. Andrés says he came up with this design for a simulation hockey league.

After a couple months worth of Seattle Sundays, I'm retiring this theme for a little while. That doesn't mean you won't still find Seattle NHL concepts on these pages. It just won't be on Sunday.

Starting next weekend, the New York Islanders will be our Sunday feature. You can't believe the number of Islanders concepts I've been getting since the move to Brooklyn was announced and the new third jersey confirmed. They're all interesting in their own way and I want to take the time to feature them properly. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

0590: Seattle Emeralds

Joseph Loretz brings us a feature for the Seattle Sunday series as he conjures up the Seattle Emeralds. Feels more like a women's hockey team to me, but it's a neat uniform design.

0582: Seattle Ravens

Here's a cool one for Seattle Sunday. Brandon Manzione introduces the Seattle Ravens. The only problem I could foresee is when this team plays the Philadelphia Flyers. Lot of similarity in logo style there, but otherwise a really sharp concept.

0575: Seattle Talons

Yet another Seattle Sunday is upon us. For this one, Tyrone Lancaster imagines a club called the Seattle Talons with some interesting native art-inspired logos. And what do you think of that color scheme? Definitely not something we see in the NHL today. But does it befit the Emerald City?