Five By Tristan Mani

We have some awfully talented and prolific designers contributing to this page on a regular basis, so I feel compelled to return to the "Five By" series again with a new group of artists. And this time we're tackling the entire week — five concepts a day for the next seven days!

Let's start with Tristan Mani. He's got a unique style and five third jersey proposals. Which is your favorite? I'm having trouble deciding between Boston and San Jose.

Outdoors in the Midwest

Outdoor Saturday brings us this unique take on a future Stadium Series game. Andrew Warren came up with these jerseys for the Blues and Predators.

Five by Caz Williams

Caz Williams is not bound by your horizontal lines. He scoffs at them. He also finds himself the star of this week's Freak Out Friday. Do enjoy.

Five by Jack Holmes

Check out these five concepts by Jack Holmes. His style is very evident in this group — traditional and bold. Some of these are definite improvements on the teams' actual uniforms.