All right the last three days have been given over to Canada here on the Concepts page, now it's time for the United States! Andrew Krause gives us his take on a national team uniform.

Future Americans

With the Sochi Olympics behind us, is it too soon to wonder what will Team USA wear in South Korea in 2018? Matt Marczel submitted this concept with a new futuristic crest.

American Quartet

With the Winter Olympics now underway, the ever creative Matt McElroy offers up a quartet of USA jersey options for those displeased by what Nike put forth. Which of these jerseys do you like best? My personal favorite is the top left.

0646: The U.S. in Sochi

With the Olympics now more than three months away, I'm bringing back International Sundays. Each week we'll take a look at some interesting national team concepts. We're kicking things off with Eric Westhaver — a designer who's work you'll be seeing a lot here — and his take on Team USA. Below is his explanation of the design choices.

Patriotism reigns supreme here. There is a new eagle logo on the front, a new crest logo on the arms (shown on the side) and a brand new, totally original font with subtle stars and serifs. Eagle and crest both have two gold stars because of the two Olympic gold medals. The throwback is, of course, the Miracle on Ice. Because why not? U.S. hockey has never had a bigger moment after all!

Eric submitted a series of concepts for most of the countries taking part in this winter's Olympic tournament. They will be featured each Sunday.