Four for the WHA

A while back I ran a series from Nick Burton looking at what WHA teams might look like if they were still around today. Today we get another set, this time from Bastian Schmülling. Click on each concept to enlarge.

WHA Revival, Part 2

Nick Burton is reviving the WHA in a special series of concept posts. Part 2 kicks off with a classy new look for the Cincinnati Stingers. 

Those may be Miami Dolphins colors, but the San Diego Mariners' collegiate style really stands out.

And finally, here's what Nick thinks the Toronto Toros might look like if they'd survived to today.

Check back next Thursday for Part 3 of this four-part series.

WHA Revival, Part 1

The talented Nick Burton is always good for a special concept series. While not strictly a minor league, he's tackling a WHA Revival as Minor League Week winds down. This four-part series will play out over the coming Thursdays and we begin with the Houston Aeros.

Nick's take on the Vancouver Blazers feels like a mashup between the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Millionaires, but it's a pretty solid set.

We wrap up Part 1 with one of the teams that made the transition to the NHL when the WHA shut down in 1979. If the team were still around today, perhaps they'd look something like this.

Next week we'll see Nick's take on another trio of WHA franchises.

0446: Another Neat WHA Trio

Can you tell it's WHA Week here on the Concepts page? Today also happens to be Icethetics' 6th birthday! Can't believe it's been that long. Anyway, today it's Bastian Schmülling who has sent dozens and dozens of designs over the last several months. And continues to. For this post, he's tackled the Michigan Stags...

...and the old Cleveland Crusaders...

...who later became the Minnesota Fighting Saints. Bastian really loves making these concepts and he has a very distinct style that shows through with each one. We'll continue to see a lot more from him on these pages.

0445: A Neat WHA Trio

Let's blow up WHA Week with not just one or two concepts but three from the prolific Bryan Dyck! Today, he shares his take on the Ottawa Nationals...

...the Houston Aeros (before the AHL team assumed the name)...

...and the Toronto Toros (or Birmingham Bulls depending on the year), who used to be the Nationals. Full circle. Bryan actually did more than just these teams in his own WHA series, but I thought three was enough for today. Tomorrow we get another taste of this — a prolific concept artist with a trio of WHA jerseys.