The NHL is switching jersey manufacturers from Reebok to Adidas, its parent company. This is not simply a change in brand names, however. The Reebok Edge uniforms used for the past decade will be retired after 2016-17. All 31 NHL franchises will be outfitted with new uniforms for the 2017-18 season and beyond.

Some teams will see minor tweaks and adjustments to conform to a new jersey style while others could see more significant changes. Bookmark this page for the latest news and reports from around the league.

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Latest Updates

  • 4/25: Anaheim Ducks reported to get orange jerseys in 2018-19.
  • 4/4: ECHL's Admirals to introduce new logo, uniforms.

2017 NHL Draft

  • All of the 62 new Adidas NHL jerseys could be unveiled at the 2017 NHL Draft, which takes place on June 23 and 24 in Chicago, according to NHL journalist Michael Russo. [3/31]
  • When Reebok first took over NHL uniforms in 2007, teams held individual unveilings throughout the summer.

    Adidas Uniforms

    Very little is currently known about the design and construction of the new Adidas hockey uniforms that will replace Reebok Edge for all NHL teams. Rumors have erroneously suggested prototype or practice jerseys have shown up on ebay. When we know more it'll be posted here.

    Find team-by-team reports below. Scroll to the bottom of the page for league news.

    Eastern Conference

    Boston Bruins

    No news yet.

    Buffalo Sabres

    • 2018 NHL Winter Classic: Sabres vs. Rangers at Citi Field on Jan. 1; reported by Newsday. Throwback uniform likely. [3/15]

    Carolina Hurricanes

    • Hurricanes could mark 20th anniversary with special logo and jersey patch.
    • Despite reports that owner Peter Karmanos wants to sell the team, the NHL says "the franchise is not moving." [1/28]

    Columbus Blue Jackets

    No news yet.

    Detroit Red Wings

    No news yet.

    Florida Panthers

    No news yet.

    Montreal Canadiens

    • NHL100 Classic: Canadiens vs. Senators at Lansdowne Park on Dec. 16. Throwback uniform likely. [3/17]

    New Jersey Devils

    • No significant changes to logo or uniforms; reported by The Record. [1/16]

    New York Islanders

    No news yet.

    New York Rangers

    • 2018 NHL Winter Classic: Rangers vs. Sabres at Citi Field on Jan. 1; reported by Newsday. Throwback uniform likely. [3/15]

    Ottawa Senators

    • 2017 NHL Global Series: Senators vs. Avalanche in Stockholm, Nov. 10-11. [3/24]
    • NHL100 Classic: Senators vs. Canadiens at Lansdowne Park on Dec. 16. Throwback uniform likely. [3/17]
    • Team president interested in changing logo to establish "iconic" look; very unlikely to happen in 2017. [3/5]

    Philadelphia Flyers

    No news yet.

    Pittsburgh Penguins

    No news yet.

    Tampa Bay Lightning

    • Lightning expected to mark 25th anniversary with special logo and jersey patch.

    Toronto Maple Leafs

    No news yet.

    Washington Capitals

    No news yet.

    Western Conference

    Anaheim Ducks

    • Ducks GM Bob Murray: "We’re going to go to a new jersey the year after next." New primary jerseys to be orange; reported by Edmonton Journal. [4/25]

    Arizona Coyotes

    No news yet.

    Calgary Flames

    No news yet.

    Chicago Blackhawks

    No news yet.

    Colorado Avalanche

    • 2017 NHL Global Series: Avalanche vs. Senators in Stockholm, Nov. 10-11. [3/24]

    Dallas Stars

    • Stars unveiled 25th anniversary logo in February; jersey patch expected. [2/11]

    Edmonton Oilers

    • Oilers will switch to orange home uniforms beginning in 2017-18. [3/29]

    Los Angeles Kings

    No news yet.

    Minnesota Wild

    • Wild reported to switch to green home uniforms, according to Michael Russo. [3/31]

    Nashville Predators

    • Predators could mark 20th anniversary with special logo and jersey patch.

    San Jose Sharks

    No news yet.

    St. Louis Blues

    No news yet.

    Vancouver Canucks

    No news yet.

    Vegas Golden Knights

    • Golden Knights officially revealed name and logo in November. [11/22/16]
    • 2017 NHL Expansion Draft: Golden Knights will announce player selections on June 21; uniform unveiling a possibility.
    • Inaugural season jersey patch possible.

    Winnipeg Jets

    No news yet.

    League Events

    NHL Centennial

    • 2017: The NHL will continue to celebrate its 100th anniversary over the course of the 2017 calendar year. Players should still be wearing the commemorative jersey patch in 2017-18.

    2017 NHL Global Series

    • Nov. 10-11: For the first time since 2011, two regular season NHL games will be played outside of North America. The Colorado Avalanche and Ottawa Senators will meet at Ericsson Globe Arena in a Stockholm, Sweden. [3/24]
    • The clubs were selected for their prominent Swedish players including captains Gabriel Landeskog and Erik Karlsson.

    NHL100 Classic

    • Dec. 16: The NHL Centennial celebration will culminate with the NHL100 Classic, an outdoor game between the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa.
    • The event marks 100 years since first NHL games were played.

    2018 NHL Winter Classic

    • Jan. 1: According to Newsday, the 2018 NHL Winter Classic may take place in New York at Citi Field, home of the MLB's Mets. The report has the New York Rangers hosting the Buffalo Sabres, who played in the first Winter Classic in 2008. [3/15]
    • This event will mark the 10th anniversary of the Winter Classic. It's been played on Jan. 1 or Jan. 2 every year except 2013 when it was canceled due to the lockout.
    • If the report is true, it will be the Rangers' first time hosting a Winter Classic. They previously played the Flyers at Citizens Bank Park in 2012. The Rangers' first time hosting an outdoor game was during the 2014 NHL Stadium Series at Yankee Stadium, where they played the Islanders and Devils.
    • If this event does happen as reported, the Rangers will technically be designated the "road" team despite the fact that Buffalo is much farther away. According to the New York Times, Madison Square Garden has been exempt from paying property taxes so long as the Rangers and Knicks play all of their home games there. The exemption, worth $17 million in 2014, would be forfeited if the Rangers were designated the "home" team at Citi Field. [Read More]

    2018 NHL All-Star Game

    • If the NHL agrees to participate in the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, there will be no NHL All-Star Game during the 2017-18 season.
    • According to commissioner Gary Bettman, if the league does not participate in the Olympics, an All-Star Game will be held. He has not said what city would host but did say Las Vegas would do so "in the near future." [1/28]

    Third Jerseys

    • No teams will wear third jerseys for the duration of the 2017-18 season, sticking to primary home and road uniforms only; reported by Star Tribune. [1/9]
    • Third jerseys were also abandoned in 2007-08, the first season of Reebok's contract.
    • Even though Reebok is owned by Adidas, the transition to a new uniform system means ramping up an entirely new production line. It makes sense for the company to temporarily hold off on manufacturing extra uniforms.
    • With 31 teams now in the NHL, at least 62 different jerseys will be produced by Adidas in 2017-18 — likely more when one-off event jerseys are considered.
    • As of the 2016-17 season, 17 of 30 teams wore third jerseys.
    • Third jerseys will likely return for the 2018-19 season.

    Non-Primary Jerseys

    With a handful of special event games on the NHL schedule in 2017-18, it is likely we'll see some one-off jerseys that would not be categorized as thirds.

    • 2017 NHL Global Series: Special uniforms are not likely here. In past overseas games, teams have worn their standard home and road jerseys.
    • NHL100 Classic: Given the unique nature of this game as a tribute to the NHL's past, throwback jerseys are a good possibility for both teams.
    • 2018 NHL Winter Classic: This event always features throwback jerseys for both teams.

    Advertising on NHL uniforms

    • According to commissioner Gary Bettman, the NHL is not interested in placing ads on jerseys.
    • "It would take an unusual circumstance, which I would define as a lot of money that I'm having trouble comprehending right now, for us to even think about it," Commissioner Bettman said. "We think what we have is special. We talk about history and tradition and how special hockey jerseys are. We're not looking to put advertising on our sweaters." [1/28]

    jerseywatch 2017: Minor Leagues

    For the first time JerseyWatch is tracking changes coming to the AHL and ECHL.

    • Both leagues are expected to continue utilizing Reebok Edge uniforms with CCM branding in 2017-18. In fact, the AHL will do so through at least the 2020-21 season, after 2016 contract renewal. [2/1/16]


    Belleville Senators

    • Binghamton Senators relocate to Belleville, Ontario; Belleville Senators name and logo unveiled Sept. 26, 2016. [9/27/16]

    Binghamton Devils

    • Albany Devils relocate to Binghamton, New York; Binghamton Devils name announced on Jan. 31. [2/1]

    Laval Rocket

    • St. John's IceCaps relocate to Laval, Quebec; full franchise name changed to Club de hockey Rocket de Laval, or Laval Rocket for short, on Sept. 8, 2016.  [9/27/16]
    • New logo unveiled on Jan. 31. [2/1]

    Expansion Franchise?

    • The AHL may add a 31st franchise to accommodate affiliation with the NHL's expansion team, Vegas Golden Knights.
    • No word yet on where a team may end up but Portland, Maine and Albany, New York are eager to return teams to their markets.


    Alaska Aces

    • Aces will cease operations in 2017. [2/23]

    Elmira Jackals

    • Jackals will cease operations in 2017. [3/10]

    Jacksonville IceMen

    • Evansville IceMen relocate to Jacksonville, Florida; name and logo announced. [2/8]

    Kansas City Mavericks

    • Missouri Mavericks renamed Kansas City Mavericks after 2016-17 season. [3/11]
    • GM has denied rumors franchise could move to AHL or Sprint Center. [3/12]

    Norfolk Admirals

    • Admirals will introduce new logo and uniforms for 2017-18. [4/4]

    S. Carolina Stingrays

    • Stingrays to mark 25th anniversary with logo and jersey designed through contest hosted by Icethetics. [10/24/16]

    Worcester Railers HC

    • Expansion franchise awarded in Feb. 2016 to begin play in 2017-18 season.
    • Name logo announced in April 2016. [4/3/16]

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