Stars, Sharks Fan Art

Some days I just love the concept art I get to post. I've got some well-designed stuff to show off today that I'm predicting will be met with an overall negative response. But that's never stopped me before, has it?

Personally, I like the Dallas Stars' new home sweaters. I know I'm among the minority on that. But here's something I would consider to be a great alternate in a year or so. I like that the shoulders have the primary and secondary logos. The Columbus Blue Jackets did that for a while prior to this season.

My favorite thing is the fact that it's a green jersey. My least favorite thing is that it has no black. I like the black. I think the jersey should be green overall, but I like the black.

And here's another idea for the road sweater. It's pretty much just an alteration to the striping, but it works well. It's not quite as boring as the current jerseys. I don't really understand the shoulder piping though. Carolina did that and I feel like it just bogs down the whole uniform.

Maybe that's just me.

Another reader sent in this concept for the San Jose Sharks.

Before you tell me it looks like a roller hockey jersey, let me stop you. It is. He said the design was based off of his own roller hockey team's uniform. And while NHL teams tend not to wear things like this anymore, I totally could've seen it back in the late '90s alongside the Tampa Bay Lightning's storm jersey.

Oh and about that, speaking as a Bolts fan, I loved those jerseys. The regular ones were so boring. There may have been a lot going on with those blue sweaters, but at least there was something going on!

Enough about that. Feel free to leave your comments about these concepts. What are you thinking?