Fan Art For Sabres, Devils

Got some good stuff to share today. We'll start with some improvements on a Buffalo Sabres concept logo I posted over the weekend.

The logo has been altered slightly and overall looks much better. The response to this over the weekend, however, has me concerned for a number of Sabres fans who won't even attempt to accept this logo in any way. I think this is better because it hides the fact that the buffalo has no legs — the primary reason for its being dubbed the "slug."

So I pose this question. A lot of people around the league have responded negatively to the use of the giant text on the front of the Vancouver Canucks' sweater. Would you guys (Sabres fans) still want to go back to the '70s logo if it meant having the name of your city floating above it?

Which element is more important to you? I'm curious to read your responses so please comment!

Next is a concept I came across recently for the New Jersey Devils. It toys with the idea of an alternate logo — though we all know Lou Lamoriello would never have it.

I think it's really cool but I'm not sure a change like this is required. I do think that black jersey would be interesting though, perhaps has an alternate in the future?

The same designer also came up with another logo concept.

The current one is definitely better.

Leave your reactions to these concept designs below if the spirit compels you. I look forward to reading your thoughts.