Couple Of Quick Concepts

Hmm. That may be misleading. I don't know how "quick" the concepts are, necessarily, but you should get through this post quickly. I'm keeping it short.

First, a New York Islanders logo I think is awesome!

I may stand alone in loving it, but so be it. My only suggestion for improvement would be to rid it of the text. Maybe save that for a secondary mark or something. But I like the lighthouse tack. I know certain "Islanders fans" are opposed to it, and being a Lightning fan, I'm sure I don't have the proper standing to say, but I just can't help myself.

And speaking of the Lightning...

You had to see that coming. First off, wow! That is an amazing looking sweater. That's how you make blue work as a Bolts jersey color. Save this and make it a third jersey. Don't want to wear it out by wearing it every night! I'd buy this one too.

That's all for today. Short and sweet. I'll attempt to have some more up tomorrow.