Rangers Alter Sweaters?

Apparently a handful of New York Rangers players have altered the back of the sweaters. Pictures taken at last night's game against the Pittsburgh Penguins indicate that the "tail" seems to have been cropped on a handful of jerseys.

It seems too straight to be a fold caught in the moment by the camera. That's why I'm assuming it's been cut. That, and the Rangers are our rebel-without-a-cause for the moment. (No, NHL, we don't like your web sites. Lawsuit. No, Reebok, we don't like your jerseys. Scissors.) Don't mind me, I'm easily amused.

The interesting thing is that this alteration wasn't made on all of the jerseys. So that leads me to believe it was a decision made by individual players and not the club as a whole.

What do you guys think about this? I know a lot of you were opposed to the curved hem at the bottom. Is this an improvement or does it just make the jersey look awkward?