Reebok Fixing EDGE Issues

An article on TSN's web site was emailed to me and I thought it would be worth sharing. Apparently, Reebok is responding to the moisture issue players are having with the new EDGE jerseys. In short, the wick-away technology is doing a fantastic job of keeping water out of the uniform, but also trapping sweat inside which results in very wet skates and gear.

October 2, 2007

New sweaters here to stay

Darren Dreger

NHL players will tell you the practice and preseason version of Reebok's sweater design needs work.

The NHL has recognized the issues and Tuesday morning in a conference call with Reebok the league was assured alterations will be made.

The biggest issue focused on the water resistant coating on the fabric of the sweaters. It was designed to keep moisture out.

It did that, but also trapped the moisture in which led to soggy equipment and unhappy hockey players.

To correct that problem Reebok says it has developed a treatment that permits sweat to escape through the fibers, yet still manages to stay reasonably dry.

This new sweater is being shipped to teams around the league, with the Pittsburgh Penguins and Reebok's spokesman Sidney Crosby likely to debut the modifications as early as Friday.

Despite the public outcry from the game's fighters, the NHL doesn't see the need to alter the design to accommodate their needs, other than to further investigate whether the sweater's tie-downs have to be improved.

The belief is most fighters cheated in the past, utilizing the loose fit to get their arms free, or to shake-off binding elbow pads.

That can't happen anymore and the NHL has no intention of changing how the sweater is tailored.

The coordinating socks on the other hand have been replaced in hopes the issue of tearing that some players experienced in the preseason, has been corrected.

The message to all players from the league and the manufacturer is, it's a work in progress and patience is required.

Further modifications are likely, what isn't likely is the NHL turning back and abandoning a deal that pours millions into league coffers.

Very interesting. I think it's great that they're addressing this problem so quickly. What do you guys think about Reebok now? At least they're listening to the players.