Vintage First Round Match-ups

It's here and it's official! Below are the 2007 Vintage Tournament first round match-ups. Plan your ballots accordingly!

North Stars vs Sabres
Poll opens Oct 6

Blackhawks vs Nordiques
Poll opens Oct 8

Jets vs Kings
Poll opens Oct 10

Rockies vs Penguins
Poll opens Oct 12

Flames vs Blues
Poll opens Oct 7

Canucks vs Whalers
Poll opens Oct 9

Capitals vs Bruins
Poll opens Oct 11

Maple Leafs vs Scouts
Poll opens Oct 13

In my opinion, the toughest competition will be between the Sabres and North Stars and the Canucks and Whalers. But somebody has to move on right? And soon enough, we'll find out just who that will be.

By the way, these match-ups were chosen completely at random (thanks, so don't come whining to me if you don't like them. Blame fate itself.

Also, remember that each of these polls will now be open for five days. Expect to see the bracket posted in the sidebar at some point tomorrow. Enjoy your day!