How I Feel About Brodeur

I don't know if any of you read my previous blog, Cathode Rays & Power Plays, but I wanted to carry something over from it. (I'm not going to link to it because I don't update it anymore.)

I covered last year's playoffs and every chance I got posted a picture of Devils goalie Martin Brodeur with a puck in the net behind him. It's not that I hate him or anything — well, maybe it is — but I thought I'd continue the tradition over there of posting my favorite pictures of him.

That just makes a person feel good, doesn't it?

Not that you were wondering, but Vinny Lecavalier scored on him twice last night in the Bolts' 3-1 in the season opener. GO BOLTS!

All right, now, just so you guys know, I'm not meaning to be a complete ass here. Just thought it would be funny. I have loads of respect for Brodeur as a goaltender, but he's always been a Lightning killer and so it just brings me so much joy when my Bolts can get a puck by him.