CBS Beats NHLToL To The Punch

I'm not sure how prudent it is to go promoting your competition as such, but I've never been one for prudence so here goes. I got an email today from Jeff who pointed out an interesting new feature at CBS Sports' web site.

Well crap, they even thought of a better name than I did. Sweater Showdown. And here's their bracket.

My guess is they just started within the last few days judging by when each voting period ends. So since I won't be doing a head-to-head jersey competition for some time — if ever, at this point — I don't mind sending you guys over there to cast your jersey votes with CBS.

However, if you'd like to rate the individual jerseys for the ranking I'll be publishing next month, go ahead and continue voting here at NHLToL. And if you guys want me to, I don't mind doing a head-to-head sweater tournament here as well.

Just drop me a line and let me know how you feel about it. And let me know what you think of the setup over there at CBS Sports. Do you like voting on one round all at once they way they have it, or do you like how I post a new poll every day? I'm all ears.