Bruins Unveil New Logo!

All right, here we go. We have the first of the official new logo unveilings as the Boston Bruins unveiled this:

My first instinct was a dislike of the black outlining of the "B" in the center, but after having stared at it for about 10 minutes, it's growing on me. Anyway, the logo barely changed as you can see. It's a minor update but it was what's required at this juncture. Anything drastic would have sent Beantown fans overboard. We'd have the equivalent of another Boston Tea Party on our hands, to be sure. (Oh come on, you know I had to do that joke. It was just too obvious not to.)

And then there's these gems. For your viewing pleasure we have the home and road Rbk EDGE uniforms for the 2007-08 Boston Bruins.

Proving once and for all to all those frightened ultra-traditionalists out there that these new uniforms can in fact deal with horizontal striping. Not that losing it would really hurt anyone.

But I'm grown up enough to move on.

I also felt like it was worth posting this. It's the secondary logo — or as their calling it, the "vintage crest" — which will be worn on the shoulder. It's pretty cool. I'd even like it as a primary but we can't have everything, can we?

For those of you following along in the tournament, the Bruins have had one match already, against the Flyers in which we used what is now the old logo. Their next match is June 25 and will feature the new one. In case you were wondering.