Blue Jackets Jerseys Unveiled!

And here it is. No real shock. It's what we expected. Just wanted to post it in photographic form. The draft is going on now. We'll get to see some more new uniforms I'm betting.

UPDATE (7/21 6:43 AM): I just realized I had some better images of the new Blue Jackets uniforms which were unveiled in Columbus on draft day. Thought I'd post them in case you hadn't seen them yet.

They look sharp and this new logo is far better than what they have been wearing. Incidentally, as a funny side note, I recently read on a message board somewhere someone calling the shoulder logo a "rebel hat." Clearly this person is out of touch with American history since those of us who aren't know that the "blue jackets" were the Union soldiers. I got a chuckle out of it.

You can't really see it well in the photos, so for a better look at the logo I'm referring to, check it.