Flyers Jersey Concept Designs

Hope you're enjoying the tournament. In the last few days, the traffic here on this blog has skyrocketed, due in part, I believe, to links being posted on various message boards. I thank you all for dropping in and I hope the information regarding new jersey and logo designs for this fall that I've been providing is helpful.

Today we get a look at a fan-made concept for the new Philadelphia Flyers uniforms. These designs have the Rbk EDGE cut but use the same layout scheme as the all-star uniforms, which is why I know its fan art and nothing official from the team. I'm under the impression the Flyers will be going with black for their home jerseys this season. Take a gander.

If you were wondering what the home uniforms might look like in orange, check out the design below.

Once again, these were of course designed by a fan and despite the fact that the Flyers are taking pre-orders for the 2007-08 jerseys, we have yet to see what one will actually look like. As usual, keep it here for info on that as it becomes available.