Oodles Of Rbk EDGE Jersey Concepts

All right now, I know this is exciting stuff but please try to contain yourselves. A great reader to whom I'm enormously appreciative sent links my way for the jersey artwork you see below. PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE IT WITH ACTUAL OFFICIAL DESIGNS. These are merely the work of an artistically-inclined hockey fan pondering on the future of the NHL's aesthetics.

To enlarge an image below, just click on it. The designer of these went through the painstaking task of creating three different design schemes for 17 different teams, one of which doesn't even exist. It's worth noting that the NHL has said there will be no third jerseys this year during the transition to the new Reebok sweaters. Though I don't know who created them, these designs are just for fun. I'd implore you to avoid the urge to post a comment about how they aren't real, lest you lack the reading skills of a third-grader. (In which case nothing I write would matter.)

For your pleasure, I'll go through each of them one-by-one.

Not much to speak of with regard to the Canadiens designs. It's basically what they wear now with more curvy lines. The Penguins designs are interesting, if for no other reason than the alternate is a throwback to the days when the club wore blue. The Rangers concepts update the name running across the front while keeping Statue of Liberty logo on an alternate jersey. Personally I'm of the opinion it would make a great crest on a jersey worn night in and night out. But it's not my call. What's interesting to note here is the jersey number placed on the bottom corner of the front of the alternate.

Then there's the Bruins concepts wherein we realize this must be the musings of a fan as the Bruins have already unveiled their jerseys which look nothing like this. I'm a little creeped out by what appears to be a lion head on the alternate. (Don't try and tell me that's a bear.) Beneath that is a series of Sabres jerseys with a fun throwback as an alternate. Don't count on seeing that on the backs of Buffalo players anytime soon.

First off, the team on top, the Kansas City Scouts, haven't existed for the better part of three decades. Let's not let that stop us though. With all this talk about KC becoming an NHL market in the near future, who wouldn't wonder? But I doubt seriously they'd go back to that old gem. It is interesting to look at though. The Stars are rumored to be foregoing the traditional crest for the word "DALLAS" across the front of the road jerseys. Is this the NBA now? Let's not have any cheating refs, at least. As for the other two designs, I'm partial to the green.

I like the minor upgrades made to the Maple Leafs logo but the design could use some work. We'll waive straight stripes in place of curvy ones for the Stars yet not the traditional Leafs? The silver is a nice touch, however, on the alternate. A twist on the stick-in-rink Canucks logo doesn't improve it in my eyes. But I do like the colors. And as for the Senators design, it's basically an Rbk EDGE twist on the current sweaters. The Sens should be getting a new logo though, so I wouldn't count on seeing this on the ice.

The hockey world seems to be taken with this Sharks logo thought to have been leaked by the club itself. Personally, I'm skeptical but that's my nature. And while I don't love it, I'm a big fan of that color scheme. I wouldn't mind seeing players wearing something like that. The white and blue Lightning jerseys I've posted before. The black one is kind of cool and I wouldn't mind a design like that on my team. The logo is growing on me a little. But the team hasn't made an official announcement yet so take it for what it's worth.

The Blues design is cool. I like the light blue alternate and even the name written across the chest doesn't bother me that much. The Avalanche concepts are very sharp. They should be so lucky as to be wearing something like that this fall. My praise, however, falls short on sight of the alternate. No, no, no. I applaud the effort, but still... no. As for the Hurricanes design. In my mind, it would be hands-down best in the league. It's the best concept I've seen so far this summer for any team!

The Red Wings designs are simple enough. Perhaps a little too simple. And the maroon and red of the alternate clash in a way that hurts my brain. I like the Islanders concepts as well. The slanted bars on the alternate are especially cool and I don't think any Isles fans would complain if their team went with something in this neighborhood.

And there you have it. Now that you've got my opinion on all 17 designs, tell me yours! Comment below!