New Sharks, Canadiens Jersey Design Concepts

I was pointed the way of another fan-made jersey design concept for the San Jose Sharks. The designer doesn't seem to be a big fan of the orange being added to the color scheme as its used very sparingly here.

It's neat and I think it could probably work. Though I'd expect to see something rather different when the Sharks actually unveil their new jerseys in September.

And while we're looking at fan-designed jersey concepts, I've got one for Montreal Canadiens fans. Like many others, it's based off of this year's all-star jerseys so the real deal probably won't look anything like this. The one thing I wouldn't be surprised to see is the giant logo on the front. That seems to be a theme among all the jerseys that have already been officially unveiled.

Anyway, I haven't heard anything official from the Canadiens regarding an announcement or unveiling date, so we'll keep our ears and eyes peeled until we do.