Yes, More Canucks Stuff

I saw this graphic on the Canucks Central message board. Aren't you guys impressed I remembered? I even snatched a link just to prove it. It's apparently artwork on some new kid-oriented promotional material from the Vancouver Canucks. It's called "Fin's Friends" as I understand it.

You see Canucks mascot Fin wearing a rather unique jersey. I can't speak to its veracity, but so far I haven't determined a real reason to doubt it. It has a lot of what we've heard including: dropping the maroon from the logo, the word "VANCOUVER" appearing over the crest on the road white sweaters, and the return to vintage colors blue and green.

Also, on the shoulder of Fin's jersey is this logo. It's kind of an edgier version of the vintage stick-in-rink logo. I think it works.

So... Canucks fans? What do you think of all this? You think this could be the real deal for your uniforms come the fall? Or is it just more annoying speculation?

Though the Canucks have made nothing publicly official, we've been hearing that a new logo/jersey unveiling is set for Wednesday. Whether or not it will actually happen remains to be seen.