Canucks, Pens Fan Concepts

When I don't have real news, I invent news. That should be my slogan. No, this isn't news. This is just fun. The fan concepts keep on rolling in. Let's start with the Vancouver Canucks.

I think the only problem with these is the giant "VANCOUVER" sprawled across the chest. Kind of unncessary and not aesthetically pleasing. I'm liking the side stripes on the sleeves and pants. They form Vs if you didn't pick up on that.

Anyway, I've also got some Pittsburgh Penguins artwork to share with you all. Check this out.

While you're trying to process that, let me fill you in with some background. The folks over at The Pensblog submitted this idea for a new series of Pens uniforms. For those unfamiliar with the history of the club, their original uniforms were pale blue a la the current home jersey of the Atlanta Thrashers. This, despite the fact that the triangle in the penguin logo was always yellow. But that yellow and the blue worked well together. I'm not too sure about the two-tone blues on the Vegas gold.

Anyway, I mean no offense to the designers as I share my opinion. I think the re-introduction of the blue wouldn't be all bad if done right. What do you guys think on that subject?

While you ponder on that, I'll share with you a design tweak someone emailed me for the much-loved Penguins logo.

Look close at the eyes. He's more pissed off than ever. Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the Antarctic ice shelf. Oh, and he's got a nice new shiny belly. Improvement or not?